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 So what is everyone working on? Bows, life whatever...

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PostSubject: So what is everyone working on? Bows, life whatever...   Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:32 pm

I'm more of an answer topics type of gal normally, but thought I'd start one off. Very Happy

So what's everyone working on? I've actually got 3 wholesale orders going on at the moment as well as the normal orders that come in during the week. I love being busy but I much prefer to be creating new things for Spring!
I'm also trying to organise both my kids birthday parties. Luke is 3 in October and then Holly turns 5 in November. Luke's just having a small party at Maccas but Holly's is a big party, being her 5th and all. Oh and I'm also trying to find time to decorate my babies nursery! I'm 21 weeks now, and can't quite believe it. Shocked

So what a you all up too girls?
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PostSubject: Re: So what is everyone working on? Bows, life whatever...   Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:19 pm

Hi Chantelle,

Firstly congrats on your pg! I don't think I could manage a third!!

I'm still trying to catch up on orders and things after going on a family holiday to Hamilton Island but I really want to get into some new projects! I have some double ruffle ribbon, felt and fabric that I'm just itching to get stuck into!

I'm also needing to organise a 5th birthday party for October. My son wants a Ben 10 party!

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PostSubject: Re: So what is everyone working on? Bows, life whatever...   Mon Oct 05, 2009 1:49 am

Hi girls ..

I have no been getting email updates from this site for some reason and just assumed everyone deserted me lol!

I am busy doing 3 wholesale orders, and trying to keep up with the general orders.

Can I ask though a question .........

I am exhausted!! I am working 14 plus hours a day between networking online, emailing ordering, making, packing shipping etc and my hubby is helping out as much as he can. The house is just falling apart and I need sleep!

How does everyone else do it? Do you have all the stock made up already? How long do you give yourself to deliver on your wholesale orders? Do you employ staff? Do you buy your bows, korkers, lined alligator clips premade from places like hip girl ready to stick on?

I have a friend in Brisbane who keeps asking me to just send a box down here and there and wants bows for this and that and a heap for a fete and I know she is trying to help, but I am flat out at the moment trying to do her major breast Cancer fundraiser, let alone her school fete and everything else she wants. Do not get me wrong I am so thankful her support and I know she helping me immensely, which is why I do not say no .. do you just say no if it gets too much?

Well .. ok sorry for hijacking your thread Chantelle!

Chantelle : you sound so busy and you must be. I have been a long time fan of your bows, and have had lots of aspirations to create items as lovely as yours! Have you had an easy pregnancy??

Tennile : I love Hamilton Island. It is about 4 hours south of me and just a lovely place Wink I too want to get stcuk into everything that I do not have time to do lol!.
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PostSubject: Re: So what is everyone working on? Bows, life whatever...   Mon Oct 05, 2009 10:51 am

Hi Chris and ladies,

I am guessing that we are pretty much all the same, run off our feet working till all hours of the night. Last night was 2am and I am guessing the same tonight. Bows keep me flat out 90% of the time, I did take a couple of days off last week and went shopping and redecorated my house, this was heaven!

I also have a couple of ladies who sell my bows on a commission rate, one lady who constantly sells and orders last week rang me with a huge order. I sat down and added it up and rang her back, she wanted about GET THIS! $14,000 worth of bows on commission. I have told her I will not do that much in commission I will do what I can of what she ordered when I dont have paid orders, there is no way I am going to send that much worth of bows on commission even thought she has sold over $4000 worth so far.

My website I need to add a lot of bows to but just havent had the time to add them as yet. I have 3 wholesale orders to finish this week and I know that there will be no early nights here. I get up early and spend about 2 to 3 hours on housework as I just carnt sit down and make bows until my house is clean.

I have ordered some bow samples from overseas before but the quality does not compare to my handmade bows so it is me all alone making everything. I have offered my 17yr old daughter money to help me with things like rolling korkers and packaging but she is not interested. You are not alone here Chris I am guessing that most of the ladies on the group are in the same vote as us LOL! Just non stop all the time

Trace bbear
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PostSubject: Re: So what is everyone working on? Bows, life whatever...   Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:11 am

I am currently catching up on orders that were made when I took a week off last week. It only ended up being 3 days off because I had too many to make.

I want to start making my Christmas range of hair clips in the next couple of days. My husband has the week off work so he will be around to do the school runs, washing, cook dinner and etc. Which is perfect because I will hopefully have the time to do it.

I also need to start making stock for the market stall in november

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PostSubject: Re: So what is everyone working on? Bows, life whatever...   

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So what is everyone working on? Bows, life whatever...
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