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 would making one of a kind work?

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PostSubject: would making one of a kind work?   Sun Aug 22, 2010 2:07 am

as some of you know, I'm slowly making up my website and have a facebook page already, Cheeky Jasmine
I'm thinking of making most of my things, hairclips, headbands & the soft toys I make as 'one of a kind' . I have some items up for sale but I find them boring and slow selling. I have made so many different types of singed flowers, funky loopy bows and other ribbon flowers and they turn out great first time but when I try to make them again I just cant make them look the same. I know that handmade stuff never looks exactly the same but mine dont even look close to the original and I get behind on my work because Im always starting over and because of that I cant keep updating my page with new lines. Im going crazy here

So now I am thinking of just making my hair things (except clippies) as a one of a kind item. I think mainly to save my boredom & sanity really, lol - Im a gemini, I get bored easy.
My question is, would it work having one of a kind hair things? do you do it? is it a hit? I'm thinking that maybe people would like the idea of having an original hairclip.
Any pro & cons about doing it this way? It wont be all clips but most of them.
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PostSubject: Re: would making one of a kind work?   Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:02 am


I understand what you mean but taking photos and editing them for every item you do is a lot of work.

Singed flowers are always going to be different. Put the details of the difference in the listing so people know their will be similar but not exactly the same.

Do you use a template for your bows? You may find this helps keep bows consistant. I love my templated. You don't have to buy them you can make them out of stiff cardboard. That is what I used for my first ones.

One of a kind is a good idea but can be a lot of work in changing colours and such. I don't think that people are all that concerned about having something one of a kind (correct me if I am wrong!) just a bit different than everyone else or better than a piece of ribbon tied in their hair.

Good luck
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would making one of a kind work?
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